Your biggest event expenditures…

You can not see this list

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  1. Georgia W:The information put forwrad in the web shop, at the camp posters, in the terms and condition and at the order form for payment on camp all says Delivery before Christmas or / and Livraison pre9vue avant Noebl. I think this information is highly visible and hard to miss if you read about the product at all. However, the reason behind all this is ofcourse that it takes a while to make and produce an awesome memory package. Hope it’ll be worth the wait.Your email should ofcourse get replied to. I personally replied to all emails before the 23rd of September and I know that there wasn’t at the time being a single unanswered email in the inbox relating to the memory packages. Try to resend it or call the web shop if you have any further requests or questions but please be polite and avoid calling people a disgrace!

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