Don’t Let Your Next Corporate Event be a Snooze Fest

Dodgeball zen moment

Uh-oh, it’s time again for another corporate event. Ok, so maybe you’re friendly with your co-workers, or maybe your best friends – but either way, corporate events usually aren’t always the most exciting events. So, to stop Steve from talking about how his kid is a genius and to keep Sherry away from the….sherry, make your next corporate event the most rocking party that everyone will be talking about on Monday.

Located in Chicago, Windy City Fieldhouse is a team building and entertainment company that has some great ideas for your event.

Bowl It Out:

Who doesn’t love the wonderful pastime of bowling? Bowling is a great activity for team building, and it’s just good clean fun. Try booking an event at Star Lanes in Newport, Kentucky. This place is swanky, has great food, and even offers corporate event packages.

Duck, Dodge, Dive!:

You played it in the schoolyard when you were 10, and there’s nothing better than dodgeball to relieve a little stress! This is a great one to do outside. After all, spending time at a desk 40 hours a week can leave anyone in need for a little fresh air.

Block Parties:

Bring out the years gone by kind of event with an old-fashioned block party. All you need is a permit for the street, some great music, delicious food, and some fun outdoor games like cornhole or bocce ball. It’s the perfect event for co-workers to relax, mingle, and play some low-key games.

For more ideas make sure to check out the Windy City Fieldhouse website!


Your biggest event expenditures…

There are three big buys for any event or wedding that must be completed at the beginning of the planning process. Location, Photographer, and Entertainment. If you do not lock in these products early you will miss out on the best vendors in the industry. No event can occur without a great location. Photographers and bands or djs for entertainment all have limited availability. Most entertainers and photographers can only book one event per day. In order to get what you want you need to act EARLY and FAST.

These are some of the biggest expenditures for any event, but these choices are the difference between a boring/drab event and an extraordinary event.