3 hidden but pricey wedding costs

Every bride likes to work with a budget. We all work to make the most beautiful wedding for a reasonable price. Sometimes there are costs that force us to go with less than what we want. There are many hidden costs many brides to plan into a budget: shipping costs, photo/video overtime, and rental transportation.

Decorating a wedding on your own time and dime requires most to shop online. Buying in bulk is definitely the only way to go, but getting the items shipped, PRICEY!

Sometimes the party just gets too exciting and fun, so you want the photographer to stay to capture those candid moments. It is a valid request but we often times forget that overtime is most expensive. Instead of paying for a time slot, you are paying for the extra hours that were unplanned, photographers expect compensation, PRICEY!

Renting tables, linens, chairs, or other decor can be cost effective when you need to make a place look extraordinary. And no one wants to buy all these items, who needs to own twenty low-top 5 foot round tables? What you need to look out for is how all of these decorative extras are getting to your venue. Transportation fees, PRICEY!

Make sure when working on your budget that you factor in these small but pricey details. You want to make sure you can afford what you are looking at, total cost!

Your biggest event expenditures…

There are three big buys for any event or wedding that must be completed at the beginning of the planning process. Location, Photographer, and Entertainment. If you do not lock in these products early you will miss out on the best vendors in the industry. No event can occur without a great location. Photographers and bands or djs for entertainment all have limited availability. Most entertainers and photographers can only book one event per day. In order to get what you want you need to act EARLY and FAST.

These are some of the biggest expenditures for any event, but these choices are the difference between a boring/drab event and an extraordinary event.

Where brides in Cincinnati are finding their wedding IDEAS!

Engaged, now looking for ideas! most brides are overwhelmed by the vast amount on the internet, friends and families opinions, OH MY…. brides are visiting the Knot, or searching for hours google images, vendor websites, magazines. Do you have time for the additional job now? Did you know that the professionals in CIncinnati, have experience to assist you in visualizing your wedding day.

Is it possible to find a perfect venue?

Finding a venue can be one of the biggest decisions you must make to set the wedding planning wheels in motion.

In order to begin your search, determine your budget.  The venue with your reception will be the largest expenditure, so be sure to look at locations you can afford.  Many venues supply you with their packaging prices and you forget that the last page of their contract contains the 6-7% sales tax and 20% service charges, which then adds a bit of money to that overall packaging price. Do make sure you know what you are paying for.

Your venue wants your business and all you need to do is ask, if you are considering different foods or special recipes. Negotiating is key to getting what you want out of your wedding venue.

If you are planning on many out of town guests, don’t forget to consider their travel time to a close and comfortable hotel before and after your reception. You may need to provide guests with direction cards, if they are unfamiliar with the area.

Consider hosting your reception at a hotel, where your guests will stay after your wedding. Not only do hotel weddings take off the stress of room and board they may also have some perks you may have overlooked when looking for a venue. Many hotels offer the newlyweds a free overnight room or suite. If you are lucky with your negotiations or have a great planner, you may be able to swing free parent’s rooms or a hospitality room.

Wherever you choose to have your wedding reception be sure that it fits your style, be considerate of out of town guests, and don’t let hidden costs and fine print steal away from your overall budget for your wedding.  Be clear of what you want ahead of time and you’ll find the best fit for your special day.