Your biggest event expenditures…

There are three big buys for any event or wedding that must be completed at the beginning of the planning process. Location, Photographer, and Entertainment. If you do not lock in these products early you will miss out on the best vendors in the industry. No event can occur without a great location. Photographers and bands or djs for entertainment all have limited availability. Most entertainers and photographers can only book one event per day. In order to get what you want you need to act EARLY and FAST.

These are some of the biggest expenditures for any event, but these choices are the difference between a boring/drab event and an extraordinary event.

Bridal shower theme. Cookbook! personalized.

Compile a personalized online cookbook for all those recipes you’ll receive as a new bride. At, you can select details like book style and paper color—and submit up to 250 recipes. In three weeks, you’ll receive a beautiful hardcover book to preserve your much-loved meals and kitchen traditions.