Three ways that Pinterest can help you plan your wedding…

Pinterest is a fairly new social media site that has recently gained many users and attention. It is like we are back in 2008 when a little social media site called Facebook rocketed to popularity. Pinterest is a website used to post “pins” or pictures and links to different topics people are interested in. Hence the name PINTEREST.

So how can this be used to plan your perfect wedding? Well it can in in these ways…

#1. Pinterest users can search and look for certain categories of interest such as, surprise surprise, Weddings and Events.

#2. Users can also choose to post their own “pins” in what they call “boards.” These can be categorized in specific themes. At Party in a Package, we have a board themed Unique Color Combinations, which you can use to explore what colors look best together.  (Look for our pins at Party in a Package) :)

#3. Pinterest is a great way for brides to share their own unique ideas. You can find money saving tricks through the site but you are seeing what can be done with the pictures posted.

Overall Pinterest is a great new way for brides to gain ideas. Make sure to take advantage of the great possibilities that can be explored through this website!